Dislocated Workers

If you've lost a job because of company downsizing, buyouts, or layoffs, your top priority is finding a new job.  But what kind of job do you look for if your skills are outdated and no longer needed?  New employment may be very different from your old job, but that's common.  On average, workers completely change careers at least three times in their working lives.  If you are interested in pursuing a different occupation or are unsure what the next step in your career path might be, trained counselors can work with you to develop a plan. Counselors are very familiar with the issues that surround a lay off including financial concerns, the emotional aspect of losing a job, and family matters. Dislocated workers are eligible for tuition assistance for retraining or for obtaining skills credential or licensure. If you incur significant travel in your job search or to attend training, support for these expenses can be considered including mileage, meals and lodging (limitations apply).

 As a dislocated worker you are also eligible for On the Job Training, a unique program designed to entice prospective employers to hire you over someone with more experience. The program essentially reimburses a new employer for half your wages during a specified training period. The reimbursement is meant to offset the cost of spending a little more time training you versus someone who already has the required skills. On the Job Training is available for full-time, permanent positions that offer a good opportunity for the next step on your career path.  Note: On the Job Training contracts can only be developed PRIOR to starting the job. Once you take another full time job, you are no longer considered a dislocated worker.

Watch a video overview:

The following video produced by Positively Minnesota provides an overview of the Dislocated Worker program and what it can do for you.  It covers who qualifies for the program, typical interactions at our WorkForce Center and interviews with people who have used our services.



To access all of the above services and more, you must apply first. Once your application has been approved, you are eligible for support services, tuition assistance, and On the Job Training.  Contact us to find an office near you.


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